Green Party 2002 Hastings Local Election Results

Just found this – there is a digital record of our efforts to cover all the Hastings Wards!


Trying times…

Sometimes it’s exhausting being me. Just one more working day before Easter weekend, so looking forward to turning my brain off and tuning back into my preferred frequency. Will go to the allotment whatever the weather, need to yank bindweed & get head straight. Weary, very weary….

Temp Website Done!

Temp Website Done!

Well, there it is – for now 🙂 Not my proudest design moment, after faffing with open source web editing software and fiddling about with old-school hand-coding, I caved in  and used the built in template gadget on the server – I know I know, ugly but functional. Time to get back to the real world I guess, up early for work tomorrow.

BackScratchers Rides again

Ok so I finally bit the bullet and picked up the reins again – enough metaphors, (there are no guns or horses involved.) After a lapse of 6 years I am ready to have another stab at rallying a little band of revolutionaries. BackScratchers (LGEC Ltd) is about personal empowerment, challenging the status quo and moving towards a more sustainable and satisfying low-impact existence. Connecting people with support, resources, time, inspiration to get their green ambitions off the drawing board and out there in the real world. First step is resurrecting a long defunct web-platform – wish me luck!