Grinding into gear…

Truth is folks (although I am talking to myself at the moment!) I have been flat out with the demands of holding down a job and a tearaway sprog, and my hopes of getting a BackScratchers Network App online by the end of the year seem a little unlikely. I should find out very soon if I will be able to reduce my contracted hours and be at home with J more – we’re embarking on more home education in a couple of weeks which will no doubt be met with enthusiasm! 

I have made a few more progressive steps tonight (this morning? 4,46am right now 😉 – the draft website has a Facebook like and Tweet button on the homepage. I’m daring to go public again very soon. I want to set up a page and app on facebook too then I can see what I actually still need to get built. I think there are probably development apps for the Iphone/Android too, if I can be patient and work through the night undisturbed it might just happen….

There is some sense of dread at the prospect of laying it all out there – leaves my life open to attack in a way that isn’t paranoid but based on lessons learned, I have to balance the need to fulfill this ambition with the reality of keeping a roof over our heads and the wolves from the door. I can only hope that those who have known me all along will stand up and cheer me on, and not discourage me from setting off down this path again. 



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