BackScratchers Bus in Sight :)

Wow. I actually did it. After a month of so of ridiculous car problems – I have bitten the bullet and gone for my ultimate dream machine.

I always thought it would be years until I could realise the dream of owning the perfect set of wheels to transport the BackScratchers Crew and equipment – and then I looked on preloved…and there she was.

As of Monday, I became the proud 4th owner of a VW T4, I think the single most worthy and exciting material purchase I will ever make. Can’t wait to get stuck into the conversion project – luckily I have expert help. Photo Gallery to document progress will appear on here as and when.

Wooooooo Hoooooo we got a veedubyoo!!!


Mental health awareness week

Just been listening to people on radio four talking about how schools don’t do enough to recognise the early signs of mental illness and it made me think, how dumb are they? School is often the cause of mental health problems; social/performance anxiety starts life in the playground or classroom, forced to compare ourselves to others, to conform to norms, respect a religion we don’t believe in – a recipe for institutionalised madness if i ever saw one!

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