Taking a breather, doctors orders…

Signed off for a fortnight, still not over the flu I had ages ago: have been forced to concede I cannot juggle a full time physically exhausting job with my sprog duties given their current complexity. Hopefully the long awaited school place will be offered up soon – at which point I’d have to go back cap in hand and ask for my old hours back if I’d permanently changed my contract as the sage social workers insisted. I wonder what the ministers would make of it all….one day I might just do the sums and hit them with a feedback report, as a parent, service user, claimant, and of course the all important registered to vote, tax payer.

Ha, just as I go off on this train of thought about stereotypes – Saints and Scroungers just started rolling on the TV…another carefully targeted schedule slot, spoon feeding the hate machine. At least it’s attempting to be crudely even handed I guess, still makes me uncomfortable to be overtly asking the viewer to judge who is sufficiently needy, and deserving of sympathy.
Interestingly most of the examples of benefit fraud seem to be taking place internally, by employees not claimants! Or people posing as additional claimants or fake landlords. It’s not exactly the picture we get through the mainstream media – their focus is on single mums with too many children, or people choosing to work and claim and defrauding ‘millions’.
Farcical that in this age of instant communication, self publishing and democratic broadcast are still being underestimated by the old school. Wakey wakey propaganda your time is up!

So – to my local MP and any hack who dares to know, care to assist me as I compile some shocking statistics to revile?
It’d make a fascinating study of the state of the State we are in, and dispel so many media spun myths at the same time. Heads would have to roll. Compensation would be owed. It would be messy. But educational. Fancy a nice expose anyone?


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