Introducing…. Throw That Mango

About Throw That Mango.

brand new blog dedicated to laying bare my long concealed experiences – in the interests of maintaining a digital account and hopefully affording me some protection in lieu of any legal counsel.


2 comments on “Introducing…. Throw That Mango

  1. Annette says:

    Hi Mandi

    Its your mother and Auntie Annette, let us know how you and Jaz are


    Love Claire and Annette XXXX

    • How lovely to hear from you, if you are up to it I would love to see you soon. Jaz is doing well and getting 1-2-1 tuition in a rural home. I’m making progress but this hospital is desperately understaffed. I worked here as a PA to the planning department in 2008 but didn’t anticipate I’d end up stuck here this long. Thanks for calling and giving the history to the docs. I really need to speak to you about the next steps so give me a call whenever xxxx

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