Contributors wanted for unified state misconduct study…!


I just have a few axes to grind, but aren’t they useful tools for cutting through deadwood?

I don’t like to go on about it but it is frustrating to learn there so many different versions of the same horror story out there.

So, rather than go on Jeremy Kyle, I thought I’d put my tale of woe to good use and see if, perhaps, collectively we can present something to hammer these issues home.

So – the working title is below with a draft letter I intend to send out to all UK County Council CEO’s in due course.

Let me me know what you think and by all means help me improve, it’s just stated as it trotted out of my head as it stands.


To all CC CEO’s

RE: The State We Are In| Open learning for justice 2014

Dear Sirs, (are there many Madam CEO’s? – check and insert names!)

Please see attached reply slip, and find further details below of our company objectives.

Over the last 30 years, I have amassed a large body of evidence based on my personal experience of various separate county councils via the course of living and working around the United Kingdom.

As a community enterprise worker, this information inspired me to carry out more research with the aim of presenting my data constructively to local council leaders. I hope to thereby give you an exclusive insight into some of the frequent and avoidable failings of ‘the system’ from the point of view of your humble subjects.

I am writing now to notify you that myself and an ever increasing number of individuals are ready to present this evidence, spanning every major function and service the county councils provide across the country.

It is my genuine hope that you will recognise the fantastic learning experience you are now eligible for, and swiftly return the attached response form with enthusiasm.

We would like to give you the opportunity to meet with us to discuss how we might address these grave concerns. Understandably you might find this prospect daunting so please be assured, we are not aiming to bombard you with questions and accusations.

The format we have settled on is a series of conferences, to be held at public venues across the country and broadcast simultaneously on television and via the internet. You will have adequate time to prepare and may bring someone to support you, as long as we have notice of their name in advance for security purposes.

Alternatively you may wish to ignore this invitation which is of course your privilege.

Let it be known as a matter of public record that this opportunity was presented to you and your decision to forgo implies consent for this evidence to be disclosed without your comment, via the outlet of the tour of conferences detailed herein.

The purpose of this research was raise awareness of the numerous incidents where departments specifically tasked with assisting the most vulnerable groups in society are acting in ways not only counterproductively to these objectives, but apparently diametrically opposed to them. These damning case studies demonstrate failings caused both through human error or poor judgement, and, or a fundamentally flawed systemic process. It also transpires that difficulties exist when relaying these concerns via the stated channels. Complaint responses have been collated which indicate that overall priority is placed upon damage control and reputation protection in the short term, even when there are chances for “lessons to be learned” and costs to be saved.

In short, these examples across the board of provision demonstrate that the overall impact of state intervention, has done more harm than good. If the human outcome means nothing to you, perhaps the accompanying expenditure might tell a story that would make your eyes water.

When this collated information was analysed, clear patterns emerged. Names of certain individuals recur, large sums of money have and are constantly being misused. It is naive to assume in this age of mass instant communication, that such conduct can go undetected. Don’t forget, some of us have had access to this technology since the 80’s and we’ve been documenting our lives this way for some time.

Let us look ahead positively, rather than deny facts and delay growth.

Use this information well before you retire on a generous pension or move to the next rung of your career ladder.

In light of what you have learned, do you feel you have helped cure or contributed to the ills of our society?

Do what you came to do first, please.

Best Wishes,

Amanda Eyre
CEO backscratchers ltd
Mother interrupted 2005
Revolting since 1977


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