Letter to local Councillor Brooks (conservatives, Surrey Heath)


I have already written to Michael Gove, who did to his credit reply and pass my story to IDS. The outcome of this intervention was the cessation, after many years, of my pursuit for repayment of benefits I was actually entitled to. After countless calls and letters, one sensible administrator took the executive decision, and cancelled the demand for repayment.

I should be happy with that, and I was…until remember that I have already been forced to repay all the linked benefits (which I was also therefore entitled to but couldn’t keep the bailiffs off my back)

Setting aside the stress, mental torment and anguish I was already going through as my child was slipping away through a series of corrupt manoeuvres on the part of her father and his enamoured and deluded new partner. Girls…take it with a pinch (or a sack) of salt eh?

If your new partner makes a lot of noise about how ‘mental’ their ex was…just think.

WHY might that have been?

It is natural for some insecure individuals to foster security by assuring their new love interest there is no love lost between them and the predecessor.

Or as I call it…Demonising the ex to keep the new one bewitched a little longer…Anyway I think this topic belongs on the other blog so back to the point…

Please ask questions and talk among yourselves. I have accepted we are unlikely to achieve anything in terms of recompense, or even apology.

This is merely catharsis, and a form of legal protection because, as you know, I ‘ain’t got no lawyer. I just have stubborn old me.



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