Suffering for our art!

Here is what’s holding up backscratchers at the moment, and what has dogged our progress since 2006. 8 years; enough already!

Throw That Mango!

Here is my most recent correspondence with social services, who have now consented to hear our opinion on the Child Protection Plan they cooked up between them in private last year. It arrived on my doormat last week, and I’m still writhing in frustration at their ongoing lack of intelligence.

Today’s illustration is a JE original – a cleverly ambiguous graphic depicting her and her true love, or a smiley face depending how you look at it. She produced this screen print today with the help of her fantastic new art teacher. Proud mum moment!

Email to CP lead SW, sent today, 17th March 2014

Everyone is up to date thanks. Before I spend ages doing more corrections, could you chase up SD who failed to amend her assessments the last time we went through all this?

She took my annotated copy and did nothing with it. (Or at…

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