Extreme Fly-Tip – Chobham Residents urge councils to get tough on Fly-Tippers – Podcast and video blog

Outrageous! There’s a community waste site nearby too…all in favour of BackScratchers Recycling centre in Surrey Heath say aye!

Surrey Heath Residents Network

Extreme Fly-Tip - Chobham This morning I had an email from Chobham resident John Gillborn who wanted the Residents Network to publicise the problem of fly-tipping in the Chobham. He asked me to come to Chobham to see for myself the fly-tip incident which occurred last night. [audio https://audioboo.fm/boos/2046944-extream-fly-tip-chobham.mp3]

On my regular trips to Guildford via Pirbright and Normandy I have seen evidence of fly-tipping almost on a daily basis but this one is the most extreme case I have ever seen. I have embedded a video which I took at the site so residents can see the scale of this fly-tip incident.

I fully support Chobham residents in their campaign to call upon Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey County Council to get tough on fly-tippers and do everything possible to catch and prosecute those involved in this activity. I have also sent a copy of this blog entry to Michael Gove MP.

This podcast…

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