Feedback on Surrey Heath Youth Forum

Today I snuck in undetected as it were to a meeting dedicated to addressing the challenges youth projects face…here is my usual cheeky input, sent by email as my face didn’t really fit I fear!

As I am driven to recall why I beat such a hasty retreat from the NGO/State funding sector and struck out on my own, as a sole proponent of true mutual development through resource sharing.

I am still an unwelcome presence at these events, and so back to my little hole in the council estate I go, suitably chastised for daring to chime in!

From: Amanda Eyre
Date: 29 April 2014
Subject: Re: Surrey Heath Youth Forum


Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to meet you all today. Sorry if you found my relative inexperience in addressing the crowd offensive.

I was sad I didn’t get to finish the point, or that no one else did so for me.

The controversial ‘hands up’* question is one I always pose, sorry for the political disquiet but that’s about the extent of my trouble making so no cause for alarm!

1.The wage bill for today’s meeting would meet core cost needs for any number of grass roots projects. The healthy number of volunteers present also illustrate the counter point: the value contributed at the relative low cost of providing travel expenses and work experience. Volunteers can’t be retained forever nor should they be!
2. The chances of true co-operation and resource sharing are thus constrained by competition for very limited and often closely guarded goodwill-funds-space etc.

3. Grant eligibility is commonly restricted to established projects with Charitable status. Achieving such status in itself is a job of work and beyond the scope of the community projects working directly with the disaffected youth we are keen to engage with.

I look forward to watching the Youth Forum progress, some very promising connections were made today.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Amanda Eyre

* hands up – referred to my provocative opening question, “Who is paid to be here, and who volunteered?” (Note to Furious Nurse, my internal MP3 player just kicked in with the Prodigy, Firestarter!)

A word of confidence to anyone setting up a brand new project and walking into the Lions Den, as you may have cause to: – If you’re annoying the professionals, you are probably doing something they should have done and you just showed them up! 😉


3 comments on “Feedback on Surrey Heath Youth Forum

  1. Just heard back – follow up coming ASAP!

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