What is BackScratchers & Who am I?

BackScratchers is the name of a co-operative that consists principally of myself, as a facilitator and a network of individuals and organisations that operate through sense and compassion. My Utopian dream is to establish more social enterprises which directly tackle the pressing issues we all face.

  • We need to empower ourselves to generate our own energy without damaging the broader environment.
  • We need to produce our own food.
  • Create the capacity to collectively look after all of our children, elderly, and disadvantaged or vulnerable people.
  • Take care of our own neighbourhoods, and have the freedom to work for a living wage within a commutable range of our homes.

If all of these things were happening concurrently,  we reduce stress, CO2 emissions and end the slavery/daily grind that the majority of the adult population are coping with.

How do I know this?

I’m just clever. Fact. ;-p

(Seriously – if you want me to list my credentials I can, but to me it just looks like showing off so I will ask you to try it yourself and see if you agree!)


If you have never heard the phrase “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” where have you been?

(Kidding – it simply implies doing a mutual favour, and is the opposite to “an eye for an eye” which means a reciprocal act of revenge!)

BackScratchers is based on the notion that if everyone helped someone when they can, we collectively achieve more than would be possible as solitary individuals. Most of whom that I know, are overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on any more tasks.

The trick is to choose something that you LIKE or LOVE to do – not something you would necessarily expect to be paid for. You may not know it but your passion or hobby is a chore or a mystery to someone else, Through the wonder of the internet we can bring you together and voila, you’re doing it.

Several years ago I had the funding to set up a website that did the magic for you – but sadly it is no longer online. While I work on resurrecting it, you can practice BackScratching among your friends and family, and contacts on the net too if you wish.

Have a think, who do you know that needs something and isn’t getting it? (It’s fine if the person is you by way!)

Do you know someone with a surplus of something they don’t want? Space for storage, gardening, meetings are valuable assets many could share with a trusted group. If you have a special area of interest you can inform policies and contribute to campaigns and action groups. You can use Facebook and Freegle to get started, and if by any chance anyone reading this is an App developer in need of a test project, please get in touch!


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