Exhibition Alert

Please see the image for event details, Richard Matthews is an old friend and gifted artist, he also just started his blogging adventures at my endless nagging. If you don’t follow http://www.voiceofinsanity.com now would be a good time to change that. If you want to save and share the exhibition flyer that would be scratch-tastic. X-)




Backscratchers Bus update

First phase of facelift complete! Thanks very much to Alex for his help and the use of his driveway.

Step two: paint panels, soon!

May 7th 2014….we have been busy. Thanks to my lovely friend for his joinery skills, the recycled timber he has been stashing for a while. I got busy turning a heavy lined curtain, also donated, into a bench cushion cover. Foam supplied by Ma Eyre, with intent of use as dog bedding! I saved a bit for the dog, he will have a matching cushion soon.



BackScratchers Bus in Sight :)

Wow. I actually did it. After a month of so of ridiculous car problems – I have bitten the bullet and gone for my ultimate dream machine.

I always thought it would be years until I could realise the dream of owning the perfect set of wheels to transport the BackScratchers Crew and equipment – and then I looked on preloved…and there she was.

As of Monday, I became the proud 4th owner of a VW T4, I think the single most worthy and exciting material purchase I will ever make. Can’t wait to get stuck into the conversion project – luckily I have expert help. Photo Gallery to document progress will appear on here as and when.

Wooooooo Hoooooo we got a veedubyoo!!!

Grinding into gear…

Truth is folks (although I am talking to myself at the moment!) I have been flat out with the demands of holding down a job and a tearaway sprog, and my hopes of getting a BackScratchers Network App online by the end of the year seem a little unlikely. I should find out very soon if I will be able to reduce my contracted hours and be at home with J more – we’re embarking on more home education in a couple of weeks which will no doubt be met with enthusiasm! 

I have made a few more progressive steps tonight (this morning? 4,46am right now 😉 – the draft website has a Facebook like and Tweet button on the homepage. I’m daring to go public again very soon. I want to set up a page and app on facebook too then I can see what I actually still need to get built. I think there are probably development apps for the Iphone/Android too, if I can be patient and work through the night undisturbed it might just happen….

There is some sense of dread at the prospect of laying it all out there – leaves my life open to attack in a way that isn’t paranoid but based on lessons learned, I have to balance the need to fulfill this ambition with the reality of keeping a roof over our heads and the wolves from the door. I can only hope that those who have known me all along will stand up and cheer me on, and not discourage me from setting off down this path again.