No! Mcdonalds want to bulldoze the Blue Boys Cafe?

The blue boys cafe is a landmark on the A21, the winding route through Kent, down to the East Sussex coast. It is also the only independent purveyor of fine food on my regular Surrey-Sussex commute!

Tunbridge Wells council are due to vote in March 2014 to over-rule the existing decision to block the mega monster’s planning request by the local parish council.

I have frequented the cafe many times over the last decade, it is a unique and welcoming retreat. It makes such a change to sit in natural light, with table service and well prepared food I can readily afford. I dined, drank tea and refilled my travel mug with fresh filter coffee for roughly the same price as a grande frothalottacino, for which I would also have had to queue for half an hour in the BP services next door.

So, I implore you – even if you like a nice quarter pounder from time to time, write to the town councillors of Tunbridge wells and tell them to leave these guys alone!

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Letter to local Councillor Brooks (conservatives, Surrey Heath)


I have already written to Michael Gove, who did to his credit reply and pass my story to IDS. The outcome of this intervention was the cessation, after many years, of my pursuit for repayment of benefits I was actually entitled to. After countless calls and letters, one sensible administrator took the executive decision, and cancelled the demand for repayment.

I should be happy with that, and I was…until remember that I have already been forced to repay all the linked benefits (which I was also therefore entitled to but couldn’t keep the bailiffs off my back)

Setting aside the stress, mental torment and anguish I was already going through as my child was slipping away through a series of corrupt manoeuvres on the part of her father and his enamoured and deluded new partner. Girls…take it with a pinch (or a sack) of salt eh?

If your new partner makes a lot of noise about how ‘mental’ their ex was…just think.

WHY might that have been?

It is natural for some insecure individuals to foster security by assuring their new love interest there is no love lost between them and the predecessor.

Or as I call it…Demonising the ex to keep the new one bewitched a little longer…Anyway I think this topic belongs on the other blog so back to the point…

Please ask questions and talk among yourselves. I have accepted we are unlikely to achieve anything in terms of recompense, or even apology.

This is merely catharsis, and a form of legal protection because, as you know, I ‘ain’t got no lawyer. I just have stubborn old me.


My response to Surrey council Carers survey..couldn’t resist!

I am a parent carer, Action for carers recently provided an excellent signposting service but in fact I found our family was ineligible for the majority of services, and my enquiries often met with pure confusion.

I was unable to register for the emergency scheme.

I registered as a carer with my GP but it has not been noted and I still have to fight to have my own health fully monitored despite having a chronic fatigue problem after caring and working full time for so long.

Social care, when asked to do a carer assessment decided to opt for putting my daughter on a child protection plan instead and has publicly defamed me in the process. I have thereby lost substantial earnings, become unwell with stress and exhaustion, and as a result missed the opportunity to progress to the next stage of my career. I would love to talk to someone about the extent of the tax-payer funded problems Surrey has caused us, and the appalling lack of genuine support for tax paying single parents. I have worked in Camberley for five years as an orthodontic nurse in a busy NHS subcontracted practice. The education system had failed my daughter, she has ADHD and has been largely excluded from formal education since Summer 2012. The statutory assessment process was completed in October and yet she is still stuck at home and getting into more trouble while losing all her academic confidence. She was measured and found to be gifted in literacy and numeracy. I must insist you pass this information on as I have had no adequate response to my formal complaint raised in December 2013 and resupplied 2 weeks ago via the family feedback email. I have given adequate opportunity for redress and explanation. I think it may be time to see what the wider world thinks about our fate at the hands of the state?

Pathetic Apathy…

Ok so I’m going to let off some steam.

I appreciate that everyone is short on time, money, patience, energy and sanity – people feel overwhelmed by the weight of their own challenges and can’t contemplate taking anything else on etc but why does that stop them from signing a simple petition online? When I can clearly see they can spare the time for Candy Crush saga!!

Just sign it already and if not, explain yourselves!!