No! Mcdonalds want to bulldoze the Blue Boys Cafe?

The blue boys cafe is a landmark on the A21, the winding route through Kent, down to the East Sussex coast. It is also the only independent purveyor of fine food on my regular Surrey-Sussex commute!

Tunbridge Wells council are due to vote in March 2014 to over-rule the existing decision to block the mega monster’s planning request by the local parish council.

I have frequented the cafe many times over the last decade, it is a unique and welcoming retreat. It makes such a change to sit in natural light, with table service and well prepared food I can readily afford. I dined, drank tea and refilled my travel mug with fresh filter coffee for roughly the same price as a grande frothalottacino, for which I would also have had to queue for half an hour in the BP services next door.

So, I implore you – even if you like a nice quarter pounder from time to time, write to the town councillors of Tunbridge wells and tell them to leave these guys alone!

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