Backscratchers Bus update

First phase of facelift complete! Thanks very much to Alex for his help and the use of his driveway.

Step two: paint panels, soon!

May 7th 2014….we have been busy. Thanks to my lovely friend for his joinery skills, the recycled timber he has been stashing for a while. I got busy turning a heavy lined curtain, also donated, into a bench cushion cover. Foam supplied by Ma Eyre, with intent of use as dog bedding! I saved a bit for the dog, he will have a matching cushion soon.




BackScratchers Bus in Sight :)

Wow. I actually did it. After a month of so of ridiculous car problems – I have bitten the bullet and gone for my ultimate dream machine.

I always thought it would be years until I could realise the dream of owning the perfect set of wheels to transport the BackScratchers Crew and equipment – and then I looked on preloved…and there she was.

As of Monday, I became the proud 4th owner of a VW T4, I think the single most worthy and exciting material purchase I will ever make. Can’t wait to get stuck into the conversion project – luckily I have expert help. Photo Gallery to document progress will appear on here as and when.

Wooooooo Hoooooo we got a veedubyoo!!!