Exhibition Alert

Please see the image for event details, Richard Matthews is an old friend and gifted artist, he also just started his blogging adventures at my endless nagging. If you don’t follow http://www.voiceofinsanity.com now would be a good time to change that. If you want to save and share the exhibition flyer that would be scratch-tastic. X-)




Testing new app…

This is my first post using tiny desk app from my phone, seems to have disabled auto correct which is a mixed blessing!

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Temp Website Done!

Temp Website Done!

Well, there it is – for now 🙂 Not my proudest design moment, after faffing with open source web editing software and fiddling about with old-school hand-coding, I caved in  and used the built in template gadget on the server – I know I know, ugly but functional. Time to get back to the real world I guess, up early for work tomorrow.