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So today I’m sitting down to draw together the final submissions for the next Humane Resourced book. If you still haven’t got your chapter to me then please make sure you get it to me as soon as you can. The last one is still available here 

I’ve been useless resisting temptation with this book and as a result I keep extending the deadline. I extend it as really interesting people keep saying ‘if I got a chapter to you by….‘ and I keep giving in. From this point onwards I’m driving towards getting everything finished by the end of this month. 

I’ve had chapters piling up in my inbox and in a genuine ‘amateur hour’ effort I’m now having to trawl through 3 months worth of email to attempt to what people have contributed. It serves me right for being a fool.

Anyway – that isn’t the point…

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Extreme Fly-Tip – Chobham Residents urge councils to get tough on Fly-Tippers – Podcast and video blog

Outrageous! There’s a community waste site nearby too…all in favour of BackScratchers Recycling centre in Surrey Heath say aye!

Surrey Heath Residents Network

Extreme Fly-Tip - Chobham This morning I had an email from Chobham resident John Gillborn who wanted the Residents Network to publicise the problem of fly-tipping in the Chobham. He asked me to come to Chobham to see for myself the fly-tip incident which occurred last night. [audio]

On my regular trips to Guildford via Pirbright and Normandy I have seen evidence of fly-tipping almost on a daily basis but this one is the most extreme case I have ever seen. I have embedded a video which I took at the site so residents can see the scale of this fly-tip incident.

I fully support Chobham residents in their campaign to call upon Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey County Council to get tough on fly-tippers and do everything possible to catch and prosecute those involved in this activity. I have also sent a copy of this blog entry to Michael Gove MP.

This podcast…

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Backward facing budget chases every last drop of oil instead of investing in a clean, green jobs-rich economy” says Caroline Lucas

Yup, well said Caroline! Lets get together and sort out local, small scale community led renewable solutions. My theory is if we make even a minor dent in their profits, the big energy firms might finally catch up. If not, their loss.

Medway Green Party's Blog

Instead of giving in to polluting industries by freezing the carbon price floor, the Chancellor should listen to people struggling with high energy bills, and recycle all carbon tax revenues into a programme to make all our homes super-energy efficient. This would bring 90% of homes out of fuel poverty, quadruple carbon savings, and create up to 200,000 jobs.
The Prime Minister’s claim that ‘money is no object’ when it comes to flood protection has not been realised in the Budget Statement. The extra money announced today for repairs to damage flood defences does not close the £500m gap between current flood defence investment and what is required just to keep pace with climate change, putting 250,000 more homes at flood risk over the next twenty years.
With current investment only half of what is needed to meet the Government’s own climate targets, the Chancellor has missed another opportunity to…

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Suffering for our art!

Here is what’s holding up backscratchers at the moment, and what has dogged our progress since 2006. 8 years; enough already!

Throw That Mango!

Here is my most recent correspondence with social services, who have now consented to hear our opinion on the Child Protection Plan they cooked up between them in private last year. It arrived on my doormat last week, and I’m still writhing in frustration at their ongoing lack of intelligence.

Today’s illustration is a JE original – a cleverly ambiguous graphic depicting her and her true love, or a smiley face depending how you look at it. She produced this screen print today with the help of her fantastic new art teacher. Proud mum moment!

Email to CP lead SW, sent today, 17th March 2014

Everyone is up to date thanks. Before I spend ages doing more corrections, could you chase up SD who failed to amend her assessments the last time we went through all this?

She took my annotated copy and did nothing with it. (Or at…

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No! Mcdonalds want to bulldoze the Blue Boys Cafe?

The blue boys cafe is a landmark on the A21, the winding route through Kent, down to the East Sussex coast. It is also the only independent purveyor of fine food on my regular Surrey-Sussex commute!

Tunbridge Wells council are due to vote in March 2014 to over-rule the existing decision to block the mega monster’s planning request by the local parish council.

I have frequented the cafe many times over the last decade, it is a unique and welcoming retreat. It makes such a change to sit in natural light, with table service and well prepared food I can readily afford. I dined, drank tea and refilled my travel mug with fresh filter coffee for roughly the same price as a grande frothalottacino, for which I would also have had to queue for half an hour in the BP services next door.

So, I implore you – even if you like a nice quarter pounder from time to time, write to the town councillors of Tunbridge wells and tell them to leave these guys alone!

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